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strategy-for-startup-successNewport Consulting provides services to global Fortune 1000 enterprises, public sector organizations, Inc. 5000 high growth companies, institutions, and not for profit and charity (NFPC) concerns. We deliver high-value business transformation and market diversification services to position our clients for growth.  Our methods allow our staff to orient business focus to address dynamic marketplace scenarios and operational effectiveness in areas such as strategy management, market growth and entry, program design and oversight, sustainability management, cloud operations readiness, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Our practices aligned across each service area are based on our SORT practice area model (Strategy, Operations, Risk Management, and Technology).

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What is Your Situation?

Change_leadership_rain_umbrellaSituation: A program initiative, project or corporate directive is not “sticking” with employees or stakeholders, there is significant control or cost overrun issues, or apparent management communication issues between various constituents, groups or departments. Or perhaps a new program initiative, project or corporate directive needs tone setting and initial direction to reduce risk, creating likelihood for greater success.  If this is your situation, you might consider our Program Design and Oversight service.

Financial_PerformanceSituation: The company, department or a set of suppliers is experiencing poor visibility to forecast information, continually understating costs associated with a customer, operation, or project.  The organization may be experiencing issues with poor risk mitigation and planning efforts which inflate key performance indicators.  These key performance indicators may be poorly defined or not mapped to information readily available in the organization.  Compliance programs may be poorly managed. If this is your situation, you might consider either our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) or Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) services.

Market_Growth_and_EntrySituation: Your organization is looking to create more market share with a particular service offering or product family, or to diversify into other lateral industry sectors or geographical regions.  The specific messaging around a new product or a new application of an existing product or service is difficult to understand and position with prospective buyers.  You need clarity in your market voice, and non-competitive “blue ocean” opportunities for your business.  If this is your situation, you might consider our Market Growth and Entry service.

StrategySituation: Your organization has undergone a compelling event, either through a merger, acquisition or divestiture, or your department or management team members are finding it difficult to create and innovate.  Perhaps there is a need to dust off old strategies and organization frameworks that no longer work in the post-crisis economy.  A “gap” may exist between what management objectives say and what the workforce does in practices.  Employee engagement may be low.  If this is your situation, you might consider our Strategy Management service.

Cloud_OperationsSituation: Your market teams have defined opportunities to engage with employees and customers using cloud computing and mobile technologies.  Prioritization of new technology packages is difficult to express.  Organization policies such as E-Policies are incomplete or absent to enable new mobile and cloud platforms. Subsidiary management or near-term divestitures prove difficult to allocate hard on-premises software assets. Funding agreement between business and development teams is difficult to achieve. If this is your situation, you might consider our Cloud Operations Readiness service.

Sustainability_3BLSituation:  A number of compelling compliance, financial and community based pressures are driving the company to spend increasingly high levels of effort managing a number of initiatives across economic, environmental and social aspects of the company. Information to manage these efforts is difficult to locate and to aggregate.  Functions such as manufacturing, marketing, purchasing and supply chain management may be experiencing productivity losses due to overwhelming demands, or unable to set direction based on regulatory or strategic drivers.  Public perception of the organization with respect to the environment or community involvement may be challenged.  If this is your situation, you might consider our Sustainability Management service.

digital-content-strategySituation: Your service or products survive based on the past experiences of a few select customers or clients. Getting the “word out” as to their value proposition into a broader target audience or new market is difficult. Your organization lacks the capacity and know-how to craft a multi-channel integrated marketing strategy taking advantage of social business environments. If this looks like your situation, please consider our Digital Content Strategy service offering.


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